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Formosa 2, jointly developed by JERA, Macquarie’s Green [...]

Taipei, 22 July 2020 - Formosa 2 offshore wind farm loa [...]

Formosa 2 is pleased to give our warmest welcome to the latest additions to the project, both fourth-year students from the National United University’s (NUU) energy engineering department.

As Formosa 2's onshore construction begins, the Formosa 2 project team recently organized a Community Information Day in Zhunan Township, where the wind farm’s onshore facilities are located.

Today, the Formosa 2 Offshore Wind Farm celebrated the start of onshore construction with a groundbreaking ceremony in Miaoli County. Once constructed, Formosa 2 will be one of the earliest offshore wind farms in Taiwan and will generate enough green electricity for over 380,000 households per year.

Taiwan, 29 October 2019 - Formosa 2 offshore wind farm reached financial close on 29 October 2019. A financial consortium of 20 international and local Taiwanese institutions has completed this NT$62.4bn project financing.

Formosa 2 has worked in close cooperation with National United University (NUU) to establish an academic cooperation program in Miaoli focused on the offshore wind industry. The Program aims to support and develop young talent.