The Formosa 2 Offshore Wind Farm project is being jointly developed by JERA (49%), Macquarie's Green Investment Group (26%), and Synera Renewable Energy (25%, formerly Swancor Renewable Energy). Once Formosa 2 is completed, the wind farm will provide 376 MW of green electricity to supply power to approximately 380,000 households per year.

Formosa 2 is committed to localization and has been working closely with local consultancies, including, but not limited to Unitech, CECI, and Sinotech, on tasks such as obtaining permits and on-shore electrical system concept design. Formosa 2 has also cooperated with NCKU, NTOU, NTU, and other universities to conduct site surveys and analysis for planning.

To cultivate local talents in the offshore wind industry, Formosa 2 has joined hands with National United University to develop the “Formosa 2 offshore wind expertise program” since 2018. Formosa 2 also set up marine mammal observer training programs for local fishermen.

Project Milestones

Formosa 2 has successfully obtained the System Impact Analysis (SIA) with Taiwan Power Company YingPan substation, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process, the Establishment Permit (EP) and Construction Permit (CP) process with approval from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and has also secured the support of Taiwan Power Company under a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Formosa 2 has completed all foundation installations in 2022.

All Foundations Installed ✓



The wind farm is located

between 4 – 10km off the coast of
Miaoli County in northwestern Taiwan, adjacent to Formosa 1.
Plan Capacity
Number of Turbine