Formosa 2 has worked in close cooperation with National United University (NUU) to establish an academic cooperation program in Miaoli focused on the offshore wind industry. The Program aims to support and develop young talent. This cooperation not only supports the university and its students’ academic endeavours, but also provides opportunities for outstanding students from NUU to enter the renewable energy market through participation in Formosa 2.

This year, 5 outstanding students were recognised for their achievements on the program and awarded Formosa 2 scholarships. Kimberly Cram, Formosa 2’s Project Director, was invited to NUU to jointly present these scholarships with NUU President Tung-Hu Tsai and Dean of Energy Engineering Department Yu-Wei Chang (Pictured here from left to right: Project Officer Jeff Chang/student representatives/Dean of Engineering Department Yu-wei Chang/Project Director Kimberly Cram/NUU President Tung-Hu Tsai/student representatives /Professor Kan-Kin Hsueh/Professor Tzu Hsuan Chiang/Professor Yen-Cho Chen).